WORKSTREET was launched In 1995 and since the very beginning it has worked with the clients on the basis of highest quality standards. It has specialized in direct search for key specialists, directors and top management. Our team comprises the consultants and groups of researchers focused on particular business sectors.

As WORKSTREET cooperates with the extremely demanding clients in order to fulfill their expectations, we only employ the consultants with previous business experience or long-term recruitment experience. The thorough selection of candidates is feasible owing to our own previous job experience and our ability to evaluate candidates accurately as far as hard and soft competences are concerned. Furthermore, trade networking and capability of objective assessment of candidates' repute provide us with range of additional information that enables us to present our clients the most accurate job applications.

Our methodology together with reasonable distribution of projects among the consultants result in their possessing adequate amount of time to analyse the candidates and prepare the recommendations. Since our employees are experienced researchers, they are acquainted with the professional means of gathering information so that the reputation of both our clients and candidates is not compromised.

Careful selection of consultants joining our team results in very low rotation. Because to this we are able to establish a permanent contact between the same consultant and the Client, which facilitates comprehension of client's needs as well as enables constant and long-lasting cooperation on various projects.

We perform our job based on proven methodology that has been widely acknowledged by the prestigious clients, who have relied on us in conducting the recruitment projects for many years. We always specify the range of conducted processes, due to which we avoid the possible misunderstandings and insure the high level of mutual comfort.

 The center of our company is located in Warsaw, however, we operate nationwide.