Assessment Center / Development Center

Assessment Center / Development Center is a modern method of assessing the capacity and competence of the employees with a high degree of objectivity. It allows to identify strengths and weaknesses of each employee / candidate or the group. The purpose of AC / DC is to examine the set of defined competences of employees which are desired by the organization for its future development. 1. Characteristics of the Assessment Center / Development Center Interactivity and the variety of methods used in AC / DC is a fundamental characteristic of this method. Standard Assessment session lasts eight hours during which the group of participants performs a series of tasks allowing to verify key skills demanded by employers. Tasks are individual or group, and the subject is very diverse - from the construction to experimental simulations of managerial decisions. During Assessment Center, the participants are in direct contact with each other, performing tasks that require cooperation or competition activities. During the implementation of AC / DC session, in addition to the level of competence of the particular participants, it is easy to observe the dynamics of the group. Ability to combine each team tasks with the tasks performed individually, provides information to analyze the preferences of the participant relating to the form and its performance. The same applies to the diversity of tasks forms required during its implementation using individual abilities. With this diversification it can be observed the type of task the participant strongly prefers and what skills and abilities are predominant in him. Our observations are used to build a profile of each candidate and determine the potential for his/her development. 2. AC / DC Participants Rating While performing their tasks during the session Assessment Center / Development Center participants are monitored for selected competencies by observers called assessors. The analysis and assessment of competence with the participation of several assessors, makes possible increasing objectivity in the evaluation of employees. Assessors are changing between tasks sessions so that the same person in subsequent tasks is assessed by different observers - high level of objectivity is the aim to achieve. Then the assessors meet to discuss their evaluation in order to collect them in reports. This method provides a high accuracy of decisions as to assess and plan the development of an employee in the company. According to some sources the effectiveness of the method amounts to 70%, which means that 70% of those employed in the company after evaluation using this methodology remained on the same position or got higher position after two years. For the participants, the most important difference between Assessment Center / Development Center and the traditional methods of evaluations is, first - the opportunity to participate in the implementation of practical tasks, and second - an integral part of AC / DC is a conversation ending the session, including information feedback to the candidate on the level of competences which were observed in the different tasks. Thanks to this guidance employee has more information about his/her strengths and areas for improvement / development. The results of the project are reports, including written assessment of employees presenting their skills and opportunities.