Employee Analysis 360˚

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The purpose of 360 ° is to identify both strengths and areas for development (skills gaps), and then determining priorities for development and improvement of the person being evaluated. During the implementation of the 360° it is possible to determine on which level competences held by the participant support implementation of tasks given on certain position, and – in which level and on which aspects their development is needed - the effect will be to develop an individual training program.

e procedures and methods (from profiling positions, through a system of assessments, the evaluation of training)

  • Adjusting of the organizational structure to the company's strategy,
  • Influencing on conflicts of interest and conducted games for influence, according to the company's strategy,
  • Increasing of the accuracy of predicted attitudes, ways to control, increased efficiency of motivating employees,
  • Adjustment programs and training schedules to the actual dynamics of training needs, etc.