Outplacement - group or individual

Any reduction in staff, on one employee or group of redundancies, entails not only a problem for redundant, but also for the employer, whose image can be weakened in the labor market. Outplacement process includes activities aimed at not only helping companies in redundancy implementation, but also simultaneously help redundant workers find new jobs as quickly as possible. Workstreet, a partner in the project, provides professional services and consultants, psychologists and a lawyer, whose participation in the process is based on extensive experience in implementation of similar projects and local market knowledge. Consultants are building relationships with the participant to facilitate his/her active participation in the process and increasing the chances of reaching the equilibrium necessary for the process of change. 1. Individual Outplacement Workstreet offers implementation of services for individual outplacement. Duration of the project may be 3, 6, 9 or 12 months and is tailored to the requirements and capabilities of the client, as well as the profile of particular employees. Individual Outplacement - stages of the project: The first steps in the project - analysis of the situation Identification of constraints, strengths and weaknesses Individual Analysis - Extended DISC Determination of short-and long-term career plans Preparation of application documents Job search methods. Networking in building a career. Interview – Simulation Job search campaign Planning a job search strategy During the implementation of the program the following topics will be analyzed: Analysis and assessment of skills, knowledge, competencies, personality traits, preferences, goals, values and motivations. Preparation of resume and cover letter. Development of communication with potential employers (self-presentation, participation in a simulated job interview). Determination of the main directions of development and preferred positions. Establishing the criteria search - creating a list of target companies / potential employers. Preparation for the process of negotiating terms of employment and remuneration. Monitoring the process of looking for a job and possible correction of this process if necessary. Recommendation of methods to change the profile and professional specialization, if necessary. Supporting in finding jobs and trainings, and then communication of the information on the labor market and events relevant to the process of creating a career (job fairs, discussion groups, offers free training available on the market). Other topics related to the situation of the individual participant. 2. Group Outplacement Outplacement workshops: Analysis of the current labor market Analysis of participants professional and personal potential. Defining of the career goals. Demonstration of the principles of creating resumes, cover letters and preparing references. Presentation of the effective methods to reach jobs. Preparing for an interview. The scope of the workshop on participants own business: Selection of the type of business Analysis of the market in terms of groups of customers, suppliers, preliminary market research and competition. Financial planning with strong emphasis on costs and the possibility of its limitations. Creation of business plan. Necessary documents and legal requirements. Registering of the Company. Participation in the program provides: Access to Workstreet consultants (telephone and email) for the duration of the project and a web page that contains among other things: a list of job vacancies, information on the labor market, and answers to frequently asked questions, a list of training institutions in the region, a list of training courses funded by the EU . Contacts with potential employers and sending participants resumes to prospective employers and human resource consulting firms in the designated region or the entire Poland. Cyclical, electronic reports monitoring the labor market and training market for participants region and profile sent to particular participants Telephone contact with each project participant during the program. All these activities are aimed at easing the process of reducing staff and maintain the company's image as a responsible employer.