Personnel audit

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Personnel audit is the process by which the interest is not only the personnel in the organization, but also how it is managed. Personnel audit may cover the following aspects of human resource management, such as:

  • Selection of the best internal candidates to perform key roles in the new structure,
  • Obtaining precise information on the potential held by employees, possibility to use existing knowledge of employees in planning career paths or succession of positions,
  • Possibility of widespread using the knowledge in the field of HR recruitment and selection, training planning, planning job cuts, interim evaluations
  • Staffing following the potential of the employees,
  • Possibilities for optimal usage of employee competencies,
  • Draw attention to the adaptive and developmental limitations problems which may arise due to the differences between the desired and actual competence test, etc.

 Workstreet  propose personnel audit project using the following research tools:

  •  Development Center - a method of assessing the capacity and competence of the employees. It allows to identify strengths and weaknesses of each employee, as well as the team as a group. During the session, assessors observe employees in the performance of tasks of individual and group behavior and assess their competences are materializing.
  • Individual Analysis Extended DISC - a powerful tool for diagnosing a predisposition and natural talents. Extended DISC ® Individual Analysis describes the natural behavioral style, communication style, decision making, strengths, what motivates participant and what discourages a person and identifies potential areas to self work.
  • Personality tests are psychometric tools that provide the most advanced level of knowledge and technology in the assessment of individual potential to increase the effectiveness of individuals and organizations.
  • 360 degree feedback - a method of assessing the competence of staff, made from many perspectives of employee relationship.
  • Competency Interview -  verification of employee attitudes to the task, analysis of his/her engagement in work and development opportunities in the company.

 As a result, carried of cooperation with Workstreet personnel audit, the employer can decide on:

  • Analysis of the human resources for ongoing policy
  • Analysis of the preparation and development of corrective actions,
  • Prepare the standards of the applicable regulations in the organization,  allowing employees to enrich tasks and methods of work in the company,
  • Improving communication processes and optimizing the flow of information, transfer, usage or distribution of resources skills and knowledge within the company,
  • Giving the system nature to the procedures and methods (from profiling positions, through a system of assessments, the evaluation of training)
  • Adjusting of the organizational structure to the company's strategy,
  • Influencing on conflicts of interest and conducted games for influence, according to the company's strategy,
  • Increasing of the accuracy of predicted attitudes, ways to control, increased efficiency of motivating employees,
  • Adjustment programs and training schedules to the actual dynamics of training needs, etc.