Executive / Direct Search

In course of direct search we identify the appropriate candidates via the analysis of professional groups among the companies sharing the similar profile, structure and organization. Afterwards we complete a database with information concerning people possessing unique professional competences. We aim at the best specialists in given sectors as well as people directly employed in the companies that are the competitors of our clients. High communication standards between the consultant and a candidate not currently searching for a new job together with an appropriate manner of presenting our offer are of significant importance for a candidate making a decision concerning job changing.

The starting point of each project is creating the group of target companies where the candidates will be searched, which is done in cooperation with a client. In the course of project development the group may be enhanced so as to be sure that people representing the best professional experience are included in the search process. In the initial phase of a project the client is presented the Benchmark Candidates, who are the people fulfilling the clients criteria and who are already known by our consultants. Thanks to proven references and possibility of fast presentation they may be introduced to the client already in the first week of carrying out the project.

The objective of such meetings is to specify the profile of a candidate (also as far as their personality is concerned), which results in increased quality of recruitment process.

The crucial part of search process is verification of references of presented candidates. Not only does WORKSTREET test their substantial knowledge, but also check information about their previous professional experience. The other tool helpful in the process of creating the list of candidates is a database, in which there are only registered people with confirmed references and long job experience. They constitute attractive alternative, mainly in case of projects in which the quick presentation of candidates is required.

Additional most efficient way of selecting the ideal candidate is a database. WORKSTREET is using database contains all necessary information about the candidates. All individuals participated in the qualification interviews and have agreed to be represented in future recruitment processes by WORKSTREET. This additional source of candidates can be interesting alternative for clients who require quick presentation of candidates.

Our methodology is always tailored made, in certain situations we publish job offer on biggest job portal in Poland - pracuj.pl – what helps to possess candidates who may be not reachable by using direct search.

In very special cases we support our search with press or web advertising, however, we do not recommend this method to our clients.

WORKSTREET cooperates with certified psychologists in conducting the psychometric tests.

The length of recruitment process depends on specification and position. Nonetheless, taking into account experience of WORKSTREET, it is assumed that the length of standard recruitment process in approximately 5 weeks and it may be shortened in several cases.